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// Desktop Dispensing Robot

LH-T Series Multi-function desktop robot

Desktop Dispensing Robot Features

  • Offline work with teach pendant, easy installation
    LH-T series could be standalone operated, no external PC needed. Easy installation, setup and operation could be learned in a short term.
  • PC based operation mode (Optional)
    Machine can be connected with PC, using dedicated software to import the drawing file (dxf) to run accordingly.
  • Friendly user interface (support English/Chinese menu)
    Teach pendant with graphic button, user could complete dispensing path easily. We also support matrix, coordinate shifting, alignment with check point and data transferring.
  • 3D space interpolation
    Ultimate control unit realized PTP/CP 3axis curve interpolation. 3D your dispensing path.
  • Easy expansion
    Could link with external peripheral with embedded I/O PORT, make your desktop robot a multi-function production unit.
  • Professional service provider
    Strong R&D team and assemble in dedicate factory, guaranteed and quality after service.
  • Suitable for all kind of dispensing field
    UV、Silicon、EPOXY、SMT adhesive、 electrically conductive die attach adhesive、A.B glue、superglue, etc.


Models LH-300T LH-400T LH-500T
Working Range X/Y/Z(mm)
300 / 300 / 100
400 / 400 / 100
500 /500 / 100
15 kg / 10 kg
Speed X&Y / Z (mm/sec)
0.1~800 / 500
+/-0.01 mm/Axis
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy
+/- 0.02 mm/ Axis
Program Capacity
100sets、4000 points/set (or ∞ through PC )
Data Storage Type
Program Display
Teach Pendant LCD
Motor System
3 Phase Micro Stepping Motor
Control Method
Interpolation Function
3 axis (3D space)
Programming Method
Teach Pendant / PC
I/O Signals Port
10 Inputs / 10 Outputs
External Control Interface
Power Supply
110-220 VAC 400W
Working Temperature
-10 – 50 °C
Working Relative Humidity
20 – 90% no condensation
Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
Robot Weight (kg)
45 kg
50 kg
55 kg


Pc Software Interface