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About Us

Laytac Technology Sdn Bhd (LTT) was established in 2015. We provide customization solution to develop process equipment. Our business focus is in “electronic industry” high speed and high precision machine research & development design. We also provide design upgrading solution to improve the existing machine performance. As benefit from our service, customer able to enjoy high performance machine which effectively maximize their production output, efficiency & yield quality.

We cover our customer base from locally to international market which include MNC company from Ink Manufacturer, European Watch Maker, Semiconductor and Hard disk drive OEM.


Be recognized as preferred integrated DESIGN & AUTOMATION solution partner through steadfast commitment & service to our customer.

// what we provide

At a glance, we provide total industrial solutions in the areas of:
  • Equipement/machine design and development
  • ODM service with your branding (Original Design Manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing your equipment
// Our Events
Company Event
Leadership and team-building skills are emphasized, as well as personal growth and self-confidence.

Team Building

We embedded team building as part of our culture. We constantly provide training and resources that our people need, so every one of us can work in harmony and effectively.

Team building 2

Company Trip

We do offer company trips to reward employees’ hard works and mean to build good foundations of our relationship. This is beneficial for improving internal communication as well.

Company trip 2

Weekly Badminton

The greatest wealth is health. We care for our employees’ health condition both physically and mentally. Weekly badminton is advantageous to their health in many aspects and could reduce stress.

CNY Celebration

Chinese New Year is a festive season to celebrate with beloved friends and family. We treat every employee as our family member, and there is no one left behind in this joyful festival.


Annual Dinner

We let our employees know their efforts matter! Annual dinner is an award night to validate our employees’ contribution to the company and engage with each other.

Annual lunch (covid)