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// Air Flow Switch

The airflow monitor (NC/ NO) is designed to indicate the loss of air movement of a fan or filter fan.The contact detects the loss of air movement caused by fan failure or blocked filter media regardless of direction of air. Its simple mechanical operation makes it a viable alternativeto electronic monitoring systems.

Airflow Sensor Features:

  • Caontact type: read / magnet

  • Normally closed (NC) switch contact close when air is flowing

  • Normally open (NO) switch contact open when air is flowing

  • Max. Switching voltage NC: 240VDC (UL), 240V AC/DC (VDE)/NO:60VDC

  • Max. Switching current NC: DC 500mA / NO: DC 170mA

  • Max.Switching capacity 1ow(resistive load)

  • Switching threshold of airflow velocity > 2.5m/s (hysteresis: > 1m/s)

  • Max. Airflow velocity 50m/s

  • Contact resistance < 370mOhm (with wire)
  • Max.Air humidity 70%RH (not precipitating)

  • Service life > 100 000 cycles

  • Connection 2 x single strand AWG 28, length 500mm, tip of stranded wire 5mm stripped and tinned (NC: Black,NO: Blue)

  • Mounting alternatively integrated in protective grille (see table), mounting clamp or mounting clip

  • Casing plastic according to UL94-HB, black

  • Fitting position bidirectional tab perpendicular to airflow
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